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Liquid Tight Flexible SUS 304 Stainless Steel Conduit (BS Type)

Liquid Tight Flexible SUS 304 Stainless Steel Conduit (BS Type)

Liquid-tight flexible Stainless Steel conduit A2017

Product ID: A2017-ST

Liquid-tight flexible stainless steel conduit (BS type) is used for the protection of electric wire/cable and other related products. It also can solve the problem of construction of angle that the rigid pipes (such as steel pipes, PVC pipe...) can not overcome and then becomes easily in the installation and operation of wires/pipes, as well as liquid-tight, flame retardant, vibration-proof, anti-interference, etc.
Liquid-tight flexible steel conduit (BS type) applicable to the outdoors, the place with high humidity, oil and gas, and the environment with pH enough to make galvanized steel for rapid oxidation and rusted, etc.

Click here to see our EU conduit classification and BSI test report.

For more information of application, please see Appendix 1:
Flexible Conduit and Connector Application Illustration

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  • Stainless steel core with PVC jacketed. PVC jacket conforms with UL 360 that is flame retardant, oil and sunlight resistant.
  • Temperature rating: -20°C ~ +70°C.
  • Light weight style, excellent flexibility and liquid-tightness.
  • Use for mass production equipment, machine tools and any narrow space for electrical wiring applications.
  • Standard color: black (A2017), gray (A2018). Other colors are also available like blue, orange, white, etc., please contact us for more details.
  • IP65
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Catalog number Trade size
Inner diameter min.
Inner diameter max.
Outside diameter min.
Outside diameter max.
Min bending radius
Packing length
A201702ST 5/16" 10.3 10.8 14.3 14.8 40 50
A201703ST 3/8" 12.3 12.8 16.7 17.2 50 50
A201704ST 1/2" 15.8 16.3 20.2 20.7 65 50
A201706ST 3/4" 20.8 21.3 25.6 26.1 75 50
A201710ST 1" 26.4 27.0 31.6 32.2 100 30
A201712ST 1-1/4" 34.7 35.4 40.7 41.4 125 25
A201714ST 1-1/2" 40.1 40.7 46.4 47.0 150 20
A201720ST 2" 51.3 51.9 58.1 58.7 175 15
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • OEM/ODM Product, Branded Product, Buyer's Label Offered
  • FOB: Taichung, Taiwan
Contact Detail
Contact:Ms. Edith Chiang
Address:No. 9, Alley 8-1, Lane 44, Sec. 1, Hsing-Jen Road, Taiping, Taichung, 41143 Taiwan