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Flexible Conduit (Liquid Tight Steel UL Listed)

Flexible Conduit (Liquid Tight Steel UL Listed)

UL Flexible Conduit made in Tawian

Product ID: A2066

Bliss liquid-tight A2066 is UL listed and guarantees durability and safety as the best choice for flexible conduit on the market. These flexible metal conduits can be used in a wide range of applications, including lighting, communications, air conditioning systems, fire alarm systems and so on. Bliss flexible conduit provide safety to your living environment, working place and construction facilities.

Flexible conduit can also solve the problems found within wiring and pipeline constructions. Bliss liquid-tight flexible steel conduit type A2066 is UL listed. When assembled UL approved terminal connector shch as Bliss flexible conduit connector, Bliss flexible conduit type A2066 is applicable to NEC hazardous classified location CI DII, please see Appendix 3:Hazardous (Classified) Location and Bliss Product Performance.


For the application of this product, please see Appendix 1:Flexible Conduit and Connector Application Illustration.


Type A2066 also has the EMI shielding ability, for more information please see "EMI Shielding Series Introduction".

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  • For Circuits lower than 600 volts.
  • For using as grounding, 3/8"~1/2" for circuits lower than 20A, 3/4"~1-1/4" for circuits lower than 60A, length shall not longer than 1.8m as National Electrical Code (NEC) 250.118
  • For conveyer, blowers, conditioning facility and machinery tools.
  • For places where wires need to be away from water, oil, gas or dusts and require flexibility.
  • For motor leads connection.
  • According to NEC 350.6, LFMC and associated fittings shall be listed.


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Catalog number Trade size
Inner diameter min.
Inner diameter max.
Outside diameter min.
Outside diameter max.
Min bending radius
Packing length
A20660300 3/8〞 12.29 12.80 17.50 18.00 50.5 30
A20660400 1/2〞 15.80 16.31 20.80 21.30 82.5 30
A20660600 3/4〞 20.83 21.34 26.20 26.70 108.0 30
A20661000 1〞 26.44 27.08 32.80 33.40 165.0 20
A20661200 1-1/4〞 35.05 35.81 41.40 42.20 203.0 15
A20661400 1-1/2〞 40.01 40.64 47.40 48.30 228.5 15
A20662000 2〞 51.31 51.94 59.40 60.30 282.5 10
A20662400 2-1/2〞 62.99 63.63 72.10 73.00 374.5 8
A20663000 3〞 77.98 78.74 87.90 88.90 444.5 8
A20664000 4〞 101.60 102.62 113.30 114.30 609.5 5
  • UL file no. E118165 conformed to UL 360
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • OEM/ODM Product, Branded Product, Buyer's Label Offered
  • FOB: Taichung, Taiwan
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Contact:Ms. Edith Chiang
Address:No. 9, Alley 8-1, Lane 44, Sec. 1, Hsing-Jen Road, Taiping, Taichung, 41143 Taiwan